Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Worker's Bum

I have recently returned to the workforce after a 6 year absence, and I am really enjoying it. However, today I spent 4 hours out of 7 sitting in meetings. I think after about the first hour and a half I lost sensation in my bum and I am having trouble regaining it (if only it looked as invisible as it feels lol).

It appears the workforce turn around in my place of work (let's just say its a government dept) is pretty high, 4 of us newies started 3 weeks ago and as of this Friday 3 others are leaving and another one is going in a couple of weeks. I wonder what i have gotten myself into.

The worst bit of the working is not the worker's bum but the fact that I haven't seen any of my kids since 8am this morning : ( after spending all day every day with them for 6 years its a bit of a hole in my heart. But having said that there is nothing so gorgeous as hearing the joy in their voices when they first see you at the end of the day. Which is due in a couple of minutes so I am going to get off here and wait in anticipation for it.

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helenj said...

i love the title of this one!