Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Borrowed Inspiration

Following on from my friend Lisa's inspiration I have done a couple of weekend round up Instagrams.

July 14th and 15th  
As it was the last weekend of the school holidays we took a trip to Melbourne to Wonderland Funpark, we rode the rides and watched the circus.

On the way home we discovered the Typo sale, yum!

On returning home we focused on all the "get ready to go back to school" tasks

July 21st and 22nd 
So this week/end we kitty sat our friends puss, while they were away, I think she was pretty happy with us.

Eth had a birthday party to attend

Sam had his first ever date (he's 11) which meant we had to go to the movies to supervise.  We saw Snow White and theHuntsman and Phil took Audrey to see Katy Perry's movie

We went to Castlemaine to check out the progress on the house my dad is building and took a mini bush walk along the creek,

And I finished my book (actually I finished 2).