Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Updates on Us

My American Mom reminded me that people actually read this, so I thought it was time for an update.

Christmas has come and gone and we are into a new year already, well almost a new month too. We had a family Christmas at the IL's with my parents in attendance as well. The kids were very happy with their presents from Santa, Sam got a Nintendo DS and it is the envy of his little brother. We gave the kids a trampoline which did not take the suggested 45 minutes to construct. To start with my sidekick was coming down with a bug which rendered him well useless. We then discovered a couple of screws missing, I had to raid my FIL's stash to find replacements. The last debacle occurred when the last arc of the round tramp needed some persuading to fit into its partner, my husband in his infinite wisdom decided brute force with a hammer was the answer, for all the men out there, brute force is hardly ever the answer. A gentle tap on the ajoining piece was all that was required, what my husband had done was smoosh the pipe where the upright leg went, so we were not going to finish putting the tramp together at 11:30pm Christmas eve. Luckily Phil's brother is more adept at handy man type stuff and came round Christmas day to help me out. Needless to say my husband is banned from construction.

We spent a couple of days at the beach at Seaford. It appears to be tradition that we visit the beach on the first night and no matter how many times we say "don't go in too far you're not in your bathers" they end up in up to their necks or over their heads on occasion, soaking wet cold, but having a ball.

Mum and Dad have almost sold their farm, unfortunately settlement has been delayed but its only a matter of paperwork. Dad is a bit unsure where he is going, well after sailing up north that is. Mum is moving here, to Bendigo, she bought a house as an investment a couple of years ago, and now she will be living in it. Also she will be doing some of the babysitting which will be nice for her and them (and I'm pretty sure MIL will like the break too).

Phil and I are back at work. Sam goes back to school tomorrow and is very excited, new teacher, best mates in his class group, books contacted and named. Ethan starts kinder on Thursday but he has decided he doesn't want to go, that may be a problem but hopefully after his first day he will remember how fun it is. Audrey well she doesn't haven anywhere new to go but she will make somewhere, thats what that girl does paves her own way.