Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Are Close

Wow, we thought it would still be a while till we could afford to buy our own house. Turns out we were wrong. We like to check out the market every once in a while just to see what is available and for what price. So we checked out some open for inspections on the weekend, fell in love with the cutest little house, worked out numbers and we can do it. Unfortunately the way the Bendigo high schools are zoned makes the gorgeous little house in the wrong area (the boundary runs down the middle of the street and it is on the wrong side), but we are now seriously looking around for something else. How exciting?!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally Some Scrapping

My mojo must have gone walkabout for a while there but it is back and has possibly brought friends, so if yours is missing let me know lol.
This first LO is for LSBS April CC, based on one of Cath's sketches.

This one I did a couple of weeks ago , finished in about half an hour, love the quick LO just before pack up.

These last 2 are the first album I did for Scrapbooking n' Craft DT. Photos of Melinda's daughter, Bella papers and embellishments. Hope she likes it : )

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a Weekend!

Its been a fantastic and busy weekend.

Friday - Audrey the ballerina. Audrey went to her first ballet class, she waltzed right up and chatted away, however half way through the dancing bit she decided she didn't like it and wanted to go home. When we left she told me she had fun and one of the other girls was her friend, we will see how she goes next week.

Matchbox 20 live! Phil and I had promised ourselves when we missed out on tickets 5 years ago, that the next time MB20 came to town we were going to go. And we did. Floor seats, clear view of the stage, fantastic. Loved every song they did, well I love all their songs really so that wasn't hard to achieve. Only down side was the scrubbers that sat behind us, I know there is one at every concert but why did they have to sit behind us? One of them spilt her drink in Phil's seat, the other whacked me on the back of the head with her tacky hand drawn sign, they continuously whistled, and yelled obscenities, honestly even if Rob Thomas could hear you he wouldn't take you up on the offer eeeew. Anyway fantastic concert, opening act was Thirsty Merc who were also fantastic, just loved it so glad we went.

Saturday - Audrey's birthday. Because we spent the night in Melbourne after the concert, Mum bought the kids down to meet us at the zoo. Also joining us were Relsi and kids, MIL and FIL plus nephews, and my sister and Wayne. We had a lovely picnic lunch and a cupcake birthday cake, present opening, then the zoo, nearly all of it. Left at nearly closing time, we had to wait for the closing announcement as apparently the lions either really like or really dislike the Scottish accent of the announcer and they roar every time he speaks, very cool, Phil had to be there to watch it. Ok now the photos.Just a note on this last pic, Narelle and I have decided that the easiest thing for the future will be for Sam and Meg to marry, so we are bringing back arranged marriages lol. Shouldn't be too hard they get along really well.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yay Me!

Well I am officially on a DT. Melinda at Scrapbooking 'n Craft in Kangaroo Flat offered me a position on her DT and last night I was given my first assignments. Will show you when they are done. This is a very quick post to share the news, will update more later, there are dishes and scrapping to be done.