Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Are Close

Wow, we thought it would still be a while till we could afford to buy our own house. Turns out we were wrong. We like to check out the market every once in a while just to see what is available and for what price. So we checked out some open for inspections on the weekend, fell in love with the cutest little house, worked out numbers and we can do it. Unfortunately the way the Bendigo high schools are zoned makes the gorgeous little house in the wrong area (the boundary runs down the middle of the street and it is on the wrong side), but we are now seriously looking around for something else. How exciting?!


helenj said...

Great that things are getting close
hope you find the perfect place real soon chickie!

Yvette said...

how excitement!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yay!!! Such a fun time looking at houses & getting to be critical of positioning of rooms etc lol (or is that just me? lol). What a bugger tho that the zone is right down the middle of that street! Doh! Fingers crossed you find the best place soon!!