Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grab A Bargain

One of my lovely friends is closing her wholesale scrapping business so, if like me, you usually have to pay retail, pay Nic a visit and grab your self some bargains. Visit Acacia Papercraft and register to go shopping.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Promised Pics

Ok so I got a bit side tracked with the house stuff. But here are the pics from our trip to Dunkeld, doesn't it look cosy?Phil and I in the freezing cold outside our cabin.

The view of Mt Sturgeon from our cabin

The bedroomOur cute and cosy cabin
The comfy chairThe living room with open fire place.

It was a lovely place to escape, the only down side is everything still smells of smoke including my camera bag lol.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So Much Easier

Last night I checked just "in case" anything had come up, and discovered a new listing in the suburb we wanted, with 4 bedrooms (which I just told Sam we couldn't afford), close to school, brick, so many things we wanted. Being that it was 10:30pm we thought calling the agent might not be taken well Phil texted and emailed her lol. This morning she called, we viewed it at 4:45pm, made her an offer on the spot. A second man was coming to view it just after us, so all we could do was cross our fingers. Well I am gobsmacked at what happened next. The next man wanted to make an offer as well, the agent explained that we had made an offer and were pretty keen, she explained we had missed out on 2 others and that we were first home buyers, we had chatted to her obviously. Well the man, who was an investor, said "oh let them have it", he didn't make an offer he walked away so we could have the best shot at it. How gorgeous is that?

Long story short agent called back, said our offer had been accepted. We have a house!!! Mind you my husband was with us for 15 minutes before he told us, how rude, said he wanted us all in the same room before saying anything and couldn't exactly round us up without giving it away. Bugger!.

So this is it here

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Wait is Over

But the news isn't good for us, after two weeks of mucking about with this house, the agent tells us he has had a higher offer. He claims he left a message on Phil's phone on Friday (but he didn't), in conversation he tells Phil he doesn't trust the guy that made the offer, which is ironic considering I don't believe anything the agent tells us anymore. The guy is meant to be going in to pay his deposit today, so if he does exist and is trustworthy we have to start our search again, if none of that is true or he doesn't turn up the house will be ours. Its guys like this that give real estate agents a bad name I am sure.

Anyway our 4 days away were lovely, no kids, no TV, no internet, no phone. We read, talked, slept, and watched some movies on the laptop. It rained nearly the whole time we were away, but you don't go to Dunkeld expecting warm weather so that was ok, thats what the open fire was for. Will upload some photos later, so you can see how cosy our little cabin was.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

And So It Starts Again

We upped our offer today, mind you we had to chase the agent. Dad went to the open on Saturday and played up at being an interested buyer, the agent told him there had been 3 offers for the same amount we had offered, but that $5000 would buy it. Getting a bit sick of him really, the last agent we dealt with was awesome, so not what you usually hear about agents, this guy fits right in the mold. So we are waiting again.

We are going away for 4 days tomorrow, leaving the kids with grandparents. I know I will miss them by the end but I so need a break right now, Audrey and Ethan are pushing every limit they can find and Sam is always trying to discipline them, so all in all its angst everywhere here at the moment. Not to mention I have had a cold for a week and it has turned into a sinus infection, yeah I need a holiday.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And Still Waiting

So the vendor has rejected our second offer, she is holding out for $5000 more. They are having another open house this weekend, but we will wait till next week before we discuss going any higher, regardless we won't be going that high. I hate waiting, so this is really testing my patience, we do really want it but we have to be sensible too. Waiting waiting waiting.