Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year

Well it has been ages since I posted anything here. Christmas and New Year are very time consuming. We had a nice Chrissy and have had a couple of weeks off work as well, we are both due to go back on Jan 12th. Sam got a great school report and Ethan and Audrey are both looking forward to kinder next year.

The house is coming along, at least in my head if not in real life. I have plans a-brewing now I just need to cash to make it happen :) Picked up my friend Julie at the airport last Friday as she is staying in town while doing a rotation for her pharmacy course, she was one of my best friends in Kansas and I havent seen her since 1995. She is fitting in well and is already in with the kids.

I have some scrappy stuff to share, which has really only been produced inthe last couple of days as my mojo seemed to have gone away on vacation while I stayed home.