Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One Thing to Say

16 days till the retreat!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Bit Bruised and Sore

Fiona and I went to Swan Hill yesterday to do some screening assessments. All was fine (only 2 of the 4 turned up for their appointments) until we were returning one of the screening kits. We were near the high school waiting to cross a road, but giving way because there was a little red car coming, coming the other way on our road was a silver car, which we are sure slowed, but he mustn't have seen the other car and went. Naturally the red car hit them and they hit the front of us, brand new work car damaged, stuck in Swan Hill, bit stunned and seat belt bruised. Police everywhere, ambulance because the girl in the back of the silver car whacked her head on the window. We thought we did really well at the time we organised a car from the Swan Hill office to drive home in, we got the damaged car towed and we bought heaps of chocolate and lollies to get us home. Turns out that we forgot a few minor things like the getting of the regos of the other cars for example and filling in the log book in the car we drove home in, we just wanted to get back.

So I thought I was ok, bruised across my chest and hips where the seat belt went and my shoulder blade is sore cause I must have hit the door pillar, but emotionally today I have been such a sook. Have come home from work early cause I have a headache, had a Dr fiasco my GP won't see me anymore because it has been so long since I visited I am now considered a new patient and they are not accepting any new patients currently (but they accepted my kids). So I went to ER to get checked over for WorkCover stuff, I reckon I had a shorter wait there than if I had got into the GP. My real breaking point is between work and home I have had 3 near misses and none of them were my fault , my nerves are shot, I don't want to get into the car for days really. Shame I have a meeting tonight and a Parent Teacher interview tomorrow, get back on the horse I guess.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (no spoiler)

Well I was lucky enough to receive a preordered copy of the new Harry Potter for mother's day this year. So I got up early this morning and trotted off to line up at about 8:50am Phil took the kids to McDonalds while I waited in line. The line went from the front of the shop around the corner and past at least 6 more shop fronts (I was about in the middle). At 9am they opened the doors and the first few people appeared with their books. One incredibly annoying woman knew the guys 4 people ahead of me and came back to talk to them with her copy, she opens the back of the book and to all surroundings horror reads out the last line. I ask you what sort of kill joy is this person who has no respect for the reaching the end of a story by living through the adventure itself. Luckily it didn't give away too much but the rest of us were appalled. Anyway so at 9:20am I finally held my copy in my hot little hands and with little regard for my own safety read it while walking to join my family at McDonalds.

Although some annoying tasks (like eating and peeing) have made me put the book down for short periods during the day I have finished it. I loved it as I have loved all the books before, I am sad for the end of my peeks into Harry's life, and a bit lost as to what I am going to enjoy reading now, but it was a great adventure and I loved every minute of it. I think it is a wonderful talent to be able to make your reader laugh and cry, to gasp and sign just through the magic of your words and JK Rowling does it brilliantly, I am going to miss Harry but at least I can still reread all the tales even if it is not quite the same as the first time.

My hint of excitement comes in the form of Kathy Reichs who has a new book coming out next month. Not the same genre or style but I do so love a good book none the less.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sneakily Tagged

I was casually reading through Bex blog when I discovered that just by reading it I had been tagged, more than once. So I thought I would start with this one.

A-Z's of Me

A - Age: 30
B - Bed size: Queen
C - Chore you hate: Dishes!
D - Dessert you love: Sticky Date Pudding
E - Eggs, favorite kind: Easter, they're chocolate derrr.
F - Favorite actor(S): Hugh Jackman (yummy)
G - Gold or Silver: Gold
H - Height: 175cm
I - Instruments you play: None really played guitar for a while but can't really remember how now
J - Job title: Occupational therapist
K - Kid(s): 3, Sam(6) Ethan(3) Audrey(2)
L - Living arrangements: Renting, residing with DH Phil, 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat
M - Mum's name: Jill
N - Nicknames: Bon
O - Overnight hospital stay other than giving birth: Not since I was a kid got dehydrated due to bad case of gastro
P - Phobia: Not real keen on small spaces, tunnels that go under water
Q - Quotes: Everything happens for a reason
R - Right or left handed: Right handed
S - Siblings: 1 younger sister
T - Temper: Yep doesn't stay lost for long though
U - Unique habit: I can bend the top of my thumbs right back
V - Vegetable you hate: Capsicum really upsets my tummy
W - Worst habit:
X - rays you've had: wrist, ankle, cat scan of my head, numerous ultrasounds
Y - Yummy food you make: DH hasn't complained about anything yet
Z - Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Alright I am tagging Meg, Relsi, Amanda, Tara.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

LSBS CC (scrapper code for did some LO's)

I haven't added any LO's for a while and seeing as its a LSBS cyber crop this weekend I have done some new ones and thought I would put them here too.

The "Serious Play" one with Ethan is my fave, really simply but quite striking I think.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well I have been slack haven't I? Going back to work has sure put a dent in my idle computer time.

I don't really have anything exciting to say, its school holidays and Sam is constantly looking for "something to do". I went to a conference/workshop for work a couple of weekends ago which was really interesting, am currently working 3 days 2 as the OT and 1 on the intake team. Some of the kids just break my heart what they have been through, I just have to focus on what I can do to help make their little lives better, I couldn't work in child protection, I know someone needs to but I would just want to bring them all home, thats why my mum has banned me from visiting the RSPCA, same principle I am a big softy.

Changing subject, I am getting very excited, Harry Potter! A new movie tomorrow and a new (and last) book 10 days after that. We already have our movie tickets and Phil bought the book for me for mother's day so all I have to do is cue up and pick it up at 9:01am on Sat 21st YAY! I really want to read it but part of me doesn't as it is the last and there will be no more Harry adventures, yes I am aware they are meant as children's books but I am not nearly the only adult who is this excited. Have to go I need to reread Half Blood Prince before the 21st.