Friday, September 23, 2011

And Again

So I didn't get very far before the whole thing fell over again.  I have been looking at pretty things and making cards and taking photos, but just not combining them into ongoing projects.  My current project that is keeping me busy is actually me, I have put in place some changes to get myself in shape.  So far so good, just have to keep it up and not give up if I trip up, see its all up.

The photos I have put up today and to show how sometimes the simplest things are often the best.  I held a linen party a few weeks ago and when the items arrived in a huge box my daughter was beside herself.  I was a meany and told her she had to wait till everyone had their linen and the box was empty before she could have it, this took nearly a week with her checking everyday s soo as she got home.  As well as playing in it, she actually slept in it for 3 nights, with my husband dubbing her the hobbo of the house.  Simple pleasures.