Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Read All About It

My boy was in the local paper today, that's him leaning on the table in the middle. Unfortunately the article isn't about what a fabulous job his parents have done of raising him but never the less there he is. Isn't he cute?

An update on his not so cute antics; so far so good. We haven't heard from the guy with the ding in his car door.

I need to go to bed I am making so many spelling mistakes. I just could not get to sleep last night, so frustrating just lying there waiting to drop off knowing ti is no where close, hohum. I am off to see if it comes any easier tonight.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bloody Gandhi

We have made a pledge that we are not going to stay in the house on Sundays because we all go a bit stir crazy. So today we went for a drive and stopped at a park so the kids could have a play. We found a carpark in the shade right in front of the playground. The kids were so excited Sam flung the door open and connected with the nice bright red shiny Ford XR6 parked beside us. So now, as well as discipling our child we have the moral quandary of whether to tell the owner (who happens to be the only other parent on the playground, so he probably could have picked us out of a line up). The only thing going through my head was the bloody Gandhi quote about be the change you wish to see in the world, sigh. So we took Sam to apologise to the man and explain what happened, he joked that it would match the one on the other side, but I think ours was a much better effort, it was definitely bigger. He isn't sure whether he will bother getting it fixed but no doubt we will know about it when he does. So expensive as it was I am hoping that Sam learnt 2 lessons today, one it is always better to tell the truth even when you know the consequences won't be good and two don't fling the bloody car door open .

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Scrapped my Heart Out

I have been a busy little scrapper this weekend. Sat up till about 1:30 this morning to complete 2 LO's then did another 2 today, and there is still another day to this weekend (mind you there is a fair bit of laundry and general tidying to do).

This first LO is for a DT challenge set by Ms Zane at LSBS, which had to include song lyrics. The song is Billy Joel's Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) which Phil sings to Audrey all the time, it has kind of become her song.

The second LO was for the monthly challenge at Scrap Therapy, where you had to buy something at an Op Shop to use. I bought a cute little Pumpkin Patch top and cut the frill off the bottom to use as a frame and the daisy trim from around the neck. I had to keep remnding myself while I was cutting it up that it only cost me 20c.

The third LO was for another DT challenge at LSBS set my Michelle where you had to make a background from scraps without having anything else in mind. I used all black and white pp so I thought a b&w photo with a touch of colour would go well, so I photoshopped this photo taken at Sam's 5th birthday party where the boys were graffiting on our wall, the sentiment says "Life is black and white we add our own colour"

The last one that I finished tonight is my first ever LO without a photo. This was for the Monthly Inspiration challenge at LSBS set by Scrapmanda, I had to use the quote by Mother Teresa as inspiration but I thought it was so lovely I had to use it. Its a pretty simple LO but I think I will put it up above my scrap desk and use it for inspiration for all my LO's. Thanks Amanda.

Friday, February 23, 2007

That's not right!

I was sitting here browsing LSBS and Scrap Therapy cause the computer is in front of the cooler. When I heard dripping, never good inside. I look up and it is raining on the back of the computer desk, not good at all. I think I over-worked the reverse cycle air con, but that is one of life's catch 22s isn't it? If it was cooler I could do without it but its been 35+ for a week now. I am really hoping for that thunder storm now, even with the sheets on the line.

I am a One and Only

I have reading through some of my friend's blogs today, and in Steph's I came across a little box with how many people shared her name. So I thought what the heck I will have a look, the results are below.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I got exactly the same result for my maiden name. So I am now and have always been unique.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Actual Scraps

Well seeing as I talk about it I thought I should show some of it off. So these are my creations that I did for the LSBS Feb cybercrop.

What is the Fascination?

Ethan, aka Master 3 is finally toilet training, relax the fascination isn't with what you are thinking. When he goes to the toilet he likes to have the door open, privacy isn't something 3 year olds worry about (as demonstrated by how many visits i get while in the bathroom), the problem comes in that his little sister likes to visit him while in there. Now that would be ok if she just chatted to him or gave moral support in the toilet training endeavour, but instead she finds it a necessity to remove all the toilet paper from the roll. What is the fascination? It isn't functional on the floor , you can't really wear it, its not even colourful (I but the plain white rolls, sometimes even the unbleached) I am starting to think she does it just to get a rise out of me. Surely my little angel girl would not be so devious would she?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Worker's Bum

I have recently returned to the workforce after a 6 year absence, and I am really enjoying it. However, today I spent 4 hours out of 7 sitting in meetings. I think after about the first hour and a half I lost sensation in my bum and I am having trouble regaining it (if only it looked as invisible as it feels lol).

It appears the workforce turn around in my place of work (let's just say its a government dept) is pretty high, 4 of us newies started 3 weeks ago and as of this Friday 3 others are leaving and another one is going in a couple of weeks. I wonder what i have gotten myself into.

The worst bit of the working is not the worker's bum but the fact that I haven't seen any of my kids since 8am this morning : ( after spending all day every day with them for 6 years its a bit of a hole in my heart. But having said that there is nothing so gorgeous as hearing the joy in their voices when they first see you at the end of the day. Which is due in a couple of minutes so I am going to get off here and wait in anticipation for it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have succumbed to the pressure

This is something I said I would never do yet here I find myself typing away in a blog I just spent 15 minutes getting the colours right in. What can i tell you everyone else was doing it, no mum i won't jump off the cliff next, but I have come to see the merits of the humble blog.

I can guarantee I won't have enough interesting news to post everyday but I am sure I can ramble enough to do something regularly. I imagine I will talk lots about my 3 gorgeous and tiring children Sam, Ethan and Audrey, and my husband Phil may even rate a mention, I also figure my scrapping will be included.

I think for an opening effort this is enough babbling, I am off to figure out how to add a photo and links to the other girls blogs (seeing as its their influence which has lead me to this place)