Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bloody Gandhi

We have made a pledge that we are not going to stay in the house on Sundays because we all go a bit stir crazy. So today we went for a drive and stopped at a park so the kids could have a play. We found a carpark in the shade right in front of the playground. The kids were so excited Sam flung the door open and connected with the nice bright red shiny Ford XR6 parked beside us. So now, as well as discipling our child we have the moral quandary of whether to tell the owner (who happens to be the only other parent on the playground, so he probably could have picked us out of a line up). The only thing going through my head was the bloody Gandhi quote about be the change you wish to see in the world, sigh. So we took Sam to apologise to the man and explain what happened, he joked that it would match the one on the other side, but I think ours was a much better effort, it was definitely bigger. He isn't sure whether he will bother getting it fixed but no doubt we will know about it when he does. So expensive as it was I am hoping that Sam learnt 2 lessons today, one it is always better to tell the truth even when you know the consequences won't be good and two don't fling the bloody car door open .


DeanneSM said...

This story made me laugh at the end. he he he. The good thing about this is the good karma you'll get now for being honest - what goes around comes around. Also, you son has learnt to be careful with the bloody car doors LOL.

Princess Tamara said...

I know what you mean - Ghandi has cost me a lot of money with that philosophy! Wouldn't it be cheaper to not have a conscience??

Tara said...

Oooh, dear! Hope you don't hear back from them.

helenj said...

dont you just hate that ...a nice family sunday drive ends like that
hope he doesnt give you the call !

Celestev said...

Bloody car doors!
But you did the right thing..
Bloody conscience! LOL

Narelle said...

I wish the people that put the dints in our car doors had the same senxe of honesty and "Ghandi-ness" that you do!

Its Murphy's law though isn't it? They never hit the beat up old car that is already dointed- its always gotta be the new shiny expensive car!!

Wirginia said...

Hi Bon
Oh dear, I know what you mean. I so wish the person(s) that put the dings in my car would be as honest as you. So my car looks crappy coz I don't wash it (it looks great when it's clean) but it isn't an invitation to others to sling their doors onto it in the car park at my work. Good on you for telling the owner and the lesson your son's learnt as well. We can but hope we influence our children in the most positive of ways.