Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Read All About It

My boy was in the local paper today, that's him leaning on the table in the middle. Unfortunately the article isn't about what a fabulous job his parents have done of raising him but never the less there he is. Isn't he cute?

An update on his not so cute antics; so far so good. We haven't heard from the guy with the ding in his car door.

I need to go to bed I am making so many spelling mistakes. I just could not get to sleep last night, so frustrating just lying there waiting to drop off knowing ti is no where close, hohum. I am off to see if it comes any easier tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bon Well you may be a blogger with workers bum but I still love you and think that your site [if thats what you call it] is fabulous, so I guess I'll just have to take another step into the 21st century and start posting comments. Lots of Love Mum