Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Borrowed Inspiration

Following on from my friend Lisa's inspiration I have done a couple of weekend round up Instagrams.

July 14th and 15th  
As it was the last weekend of the school holidays we took a trip to Melbourne to Wonderland Funpark, we rode the rides and watched the circus.

On the way home we discovered the Typo sale, yum!

On returning home we focused on all the "get ready to go back to school" tasks

July 21st and 22nd 
So this week/end we kitty sat our friends puss, while they were away, I think she was pretty happy with us.

Eth had a birthday party to attend

Sam had his first ever date (he's 11) which meant we had to go to the movies to supervise.  We saw Snow White and theHuntsman and Phil took Audrey to see Katy Perry's movie

We went to Castlemaine to check out the progress on the house my dad is building and took a mini bush walk along the creek,

And I finished my book (actually I finished 2).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

See I Can Do This

So second day in a row, so far so good for my commitment.

Speaking of my commitment to things, its my wedding anniversary today.  Well in actual fact its both of our anniversaries, this is both the day we got together and the day we got married, no it was not an arranged marriage, they are spaced 4 years apart.  So we have been together 16 years and married for 12, we have managed to produce 3 children, have lived in 9 different homes across 3 cities, finished uni and held a number of jobs between us.  I think just staying together (well except the one day where we broke up in the first year) is the greatest feat, I have never doubted him (so that one day was a real shock) and can still see myself spending the rest of my life with him.  Mushy huh? But I'm proud to say we set a good relationship example to our kids, we are actually one of those annoying couples that hardly ever fight and are openly affectionate, much to our boys disgust at their developmental stage; too bad.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Renewed Inspiration - Again

So I am all inspired again, after reading through my friend Lisa's new blog and attending a tweetmeet this morning, I have renewed mojo for my online presence.  So I am tweeting  more, taking more pics, pinning more things, and will make the content of this blog a bit broader to keep it all flowing.

I finished up at my job of 5 1/2 years this week and so wil have much more online time to keep on top of it all (I hope).

Below is our afternoon at Lake Weeroona trying to run some grubs out of the children.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Well so much for that

So I am not a very dedicated blogger, just in case you hadn't figured that out by my near 6 month absence.  So many changes have occurred here in my little life, I have changed myself by losing 28kg to date, I have begun the process of changing my job, I handed in my notice last week and will be finishing up on June 14th and I have hardly scrapped a thing (they may not be a positive change).

Today is Mother's day and I have been up and done the 4km walk for the Mother's Day Classic which raises funds for Breast Cancer research, I have received some very thoughtful gifts from the school mother's day stall, I was delivered some very milky tea and raisin toast literally slathered in marg and I will be having lunch cooked for my shortly.  As the afternoon is mine to do with as I see fit I will be attempting some paper crafting. And I hereby pledge to come back and post anything I finish.

Friday, September 23, 2011

And Again

So I didn't get very far before the whole thing fell over again.  I have been looking at pretty things and making cards and taking photos, but just not combining them into ongoing projects.  My current project that is keeping me busy is actually me, I have put in place some changes to get myself in shape.  So far so good, just have to keep it up and not give up if I trip up, see its all up.

The photos I have put up today and to show how sometimes the simplest things are often the best.  I held a linen party a few weeks ago and when the items arrived in a huge box my daughter was beside herself.  I was a meany and told her she had to wait till everyone had their linen and the box was empty before she could have it, this took nearly a week with her checking everyday s soo as she got home.  As well as playing in it, she actually slept in it for 3 nights, with my husband dubbing her the hobbo of the house.  Simple pleasures.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stalled Again

Ok so obviously its not a photo each and every day challenge, at this rate its once a week, sorry about that. I have taken some photos today but the challenge topics did not inspire me, so just enjoy some pretty things I found in my garden.

I have had sick kids since last week and am truly ready for them to be back at school, I love them but I am going a bit stir crazy being stuck at home with them.

On the fun side of things I have new toys, my tax return allowed me to buy some Apple products that will make the digital side of my life much easier, I hope.  My challenge now will be putting them down to do some real life creating.  On that note I am off to clear the table to attempt some scrapping, hopefully I will have more pretties to share later.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Uncooperative Models

So my next photo challenge is clouds, and I know I am days behind but its not all my fault.  Thursday I was travelling for work and although the clouds down south were beautiful and menacing, I couldn't really stop on the side of the freeway with work colleagues in the car to snap a pic.  Then Friday when I had all the time in the world, there was not a single cloud in the sky, I did toy with doing some pics of that but it lacked a focus point.  Saturday was the opposite and the whole sky was one big nondescript cloud so I gave it a miss too.  So finally this afternoon I was able to get out with some nice whispy clouds at the beginning of sunset.

I also tried to do the next challenge today, which is a from above perspective, unfortunately none of the kids, dog or cat were particularly cooperative so I shall endeavour to try that again soon.