Monday, June 18, 2007

Wedded Bliss

The first thing I should say is that I probably shouldn't post when I am this tired, but if I don't do it now it will be another couple of days before I get a chance.

Today (well technically yesterday its past midnight) was our 7th wedding anniversary (and 11th all up). Sometimes it feels like last week I met Phil and others its feels like its been all my life. I love being able to feel so comfortable with someone, knowing we belong and being a team with our little family. I also feel proud of the fact that we show our kids what a good relationship is and how it works, so that they will know one when they are in it lol.

Even though I know my parents love my sister and I, and in some strange way love each other they weren't the best example of a loving relationship. I took my inspiration from a family I used to baby sit for and it is my intention before the end of this year to let them know that they provided something priceless to me, in the form of an example of a living, breathing, loving, affectionate and equal partnership.

I always find the divorce rate disturbing but even more so when it happens close to home, and especially to a couple you would never expect. Friends of my parents have just split, although it sounds like it hasn't been working for quite some time. I guess sometimes you really do just grow apart.

No growing apart happening here though, we are well and truly in the finish-each-others -sentences-know-what-each-other-is-thinking stage. Of course we have changed in 11 years but fortunately we seem to be heading in the same direction and are holding hands the whole way there.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I got tagged by Narelle, so here goes.....

Name three things that scare you ......... confined spaces, spiders, something happening to my kids

The daggiest thing in your music collection.... New Kids On The Block

Your three favourite clothing items........ jeans, mary janes, hmmm jeans

Your partners most annoying habit.....he snores, and he has interactive dreams, which involve talking, leaping out of bed, stealing my pillow all manner of annoying things.

What stresses you out.... being late, hate it, hate it, hate it

Your favourite household chore…I really don't have a favourite but I love it when my house is clean and tidy

If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for….. Kids clothes

In my next life I would like to come back as….cat, eat, sleep in the sun, what else do you have to do

Your least favourite celebrity… something about Catherine Zeta Jones bugs the crap out of me

I tag my sister, Bex and Stenja