Sunday, May 13, 2012

Well so much for that

So I am not a very dedicated blogger, just in case you hadn't figured that out by my near 6 month absence.  So many changes have occurred here in my little life, I have changed myself by losing 28kg to date, I have begun the process of changing my job, I handed in my notice last week and will be finishing up on June 14th and I have hardly scrapped a thing (they may not be a positive change).

Today is Mother's day and I have been up and done the 4km walk for the Mother's Day Classic which raises funds for Breast Cancer research, I have received some very thoughtful gifts from the school mother's day stall, I was delivered some very milky tea and raisin toast literally slathered in marg and I will be having lunch cooked for my shortly.  As the afternoon is mine to do with as I see fit I will be attempting some paper crafting. And I hereby pledge to come back and post anything I finish.

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scrappinallie said...

Your blogging is about the same as mine Bon LOL. gosh what an amazing job you have done with your weight loss. I remember not so long ago you were peeved about not quite gettting to 20kg lost and now you are knocking on the door of 30 :0

I went to DanniT's place on Friday night and scrapped a page (yes only 1 LOL) and I enjoyed it. Haven't been doing any for so long either!