Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have succumbed to the pressure

This is something I said I would never do yet here I find myself typing away in a blog I just spent 15 minutes getting the colours right in. What can i tell you everyone else was doing it, no mum i won't jump off the cliff next, but I have come to see the merits of the humble blog.

I can guarantee I won't have enough interesting news to post everyday but I am sure I can ramble enough to do something regularly. I imagine I will talk lots about my 3 gorgeous and tiring children Sam, Ethan and Audrey, and my husband Phil may even rate a mention, I also figure my scrapping will be included.

I think for an opening effort this is enough babbling, I am off to figure out how to add a photo and links to the other girls blogs (seeing as its their influence which has lead me to this place)



bloggedissue said...

Tee hee hee... welcome to the bloggy world.

(And as I always recommend, you probably want to go to the options and set it up so that people who don't have a blogger account can leave comments.)

helenj said...

yay for bon....that called peer group pressure i think...lol
looks great so far
i havent figured out how to add links yet ....one step at a time

DeanneSM said...

YAY for bon. welcome to blogger world LOL!

Narelle said...

So glad you have taken the plunge Bon! Its loads of fun and a great way for us to watch your 3 beautiful kids grow up!!

Princess Tamara said...

Woo hoo Bon - off to add you to the links in my blog!!

Celestev said...

Bon this is lookin' great! Are we sheep or what???

How did you get the links up? I haven't worked that out just yet??

Lisa Pate said...

Hey Bon, lovin' the colour! Welcome to the madness! ;)