Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well I have been slack haven't I? Going back to work has sure put a dent in my idle computer time.

I don't really have anything exciting to say, its school holidays and Sam is constantly looking for "something to do". I went to a conference/workshop for work a couple of weekends ago which was really interesting, am currently working 3 days 2 as the OT and 1 on the intake team. Some of the kids just break my heart what they have been through, I just have to focus on what I can do to help make their little lives better, I couldn't work in child protection, I know someone needs to but I would just want to bring them all home, thats why my mum has banned me from visiting the RSPCA, same principle I am a big softy.

Changing subject, I am getting very excited, Harry Potter! A new movie tomorrow and a new (and last) book 10 days after that. We already have our movie tickets and Phil bought the book for me for mother's day so all I have to do is cue up and pick it up at 9:01am on Sat 21st YAY! I really want to read it but part of me doesn't as it is the last and there will be no more Harry adventures, yes I am aware they are meant as children's books but I am not nearly the only adult who is this excited. Have to go I need to reread Half Blood Prince before the 21st.

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