Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Wait is Over

But the news isn't good for us, after two weeks of mucking about with this house, the agent tells us he has had a higher offer. He claims he left a message on Phil's phone on Friday (but he didn't), in conversation he tells Phil he doesn't trust the guy that made the offer, which is ironic considering I don't believe anything the agent tells us anymore. The guy is meant to be going in to pay his deposit today, so if he does exist and is trustworthy we have to start our search again, if none of that is true or he doesn't turn up the house will be ours. Its guys like this that give real estate agents a bad name I am sure.

Anyway our 4 days away were lovely, no kids, no TV, no internet, no phone. We read, talked, slept, and watched some movies on the laptop. It rained nearly the whole time we were away, but you don't go to Dunkeld expecting warm weather so that was ok, thats what the open fire was for. Will upload some photos later, so you can see how cosy our little cabin was.


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

thats a real shame about the house Bon. Glad you had such a lovely time away.

Shan said...

Bon your little escape sounds awesome...very jealous!
Fingers and toes crossed that the house stuff all works out for you sweetie! See you in a few weeks :)

Marg said...

Hi Bon
Your time away sounds awesome and just what you both needed.....
Bad luck about the house , but something better will turn up soon....See you soon..
luv marg x

helenj said...

You will get "your" house soon im sure
Theres always a reason lovie

Sounds like a nice cosy time away for you both

See you in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!