Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where Does the Time Go? Mark 2

Well my boy turned 6 yesterday. I won't go into his birth story cause its long and arduous, let's just say it was 38 hours and quite stressful lol. Its funny how my kids seem to continue on in the same fashion as they come into the world. Sam is sometimes slow to start (did I mention he was 12 days overdue) but then he gets a burst on, its not always coordinated or graceful but he gets to the goal no worry lol.

He is so thirsty for knowledge, he loves to read and amazes me with how quickly he picks words up. He says maths and art are his favourite subjects and he doesn't really like sport and writing (sounds very much like me). He seems to be a real mix of both families appearance-wise, whereas Ethan is a little Phil and Audrey is a little me, Sam sits somewhere in the middle. He is a great big brother and is very protective of the other two, he loves to give them cuddles and most nights Ethan sleeps in Sam's bed for at least part of the night. He keeps talking about when he is 16, I can't even fathom that thought just yet 6 is spinning me out lol.


Scrapmanda said...

Don't blink Bon.....he'll be 16 before you know it! I can't believe my eldest is off to high school next year!!!

Celestev said...

You have such gorgeous kids Bon!