Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Not much happenin'

Well now all the birthdays are over life seems very quiet. I know never happy am I?

I am actually having a rare Wednesday at home, had to swap my work days and Sam has an after school play date so I don't have to go anywhere, bliss. Have spent some time on here and actually got caught up with some scrapping for my LBOBM and some swaps I am holding up. On the scrapping front I have been very lax in not bragging on here (could be because I bragged everywhere else and didn't need to publish here lol) I am going to be published in Scrapbook Creations, so excited, my first time. Will be in Issue 46, so a little while to wait as issue 42 just came out, has given me a big confidence boost in my creative ability.

Getting very excited about the LSBS retreat that is coming up in August too. Can't wait to meet the girls and spend the whole weekend uninterrupted scrapping. I bet now I get a major scrap block that weekend, but at least I will have lots of other addicts to chat to. Right girls?


Scrapmanda said...

You bet...bring on the retreat!! Look forward to meeting you IRL then ;)

Celestev said...


HAve just booked my flights Bon!

PM me and I will let you know what ones I am on...Unless you have already booked???