Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

Well my little baby girl turned 2 on Thursday, I have no idea where those 2 years went. She was born at about 3:30am and I was in the shower the night before thinking this is what I was doing 2 years ago too, only I was on all 4's lol. Her birth was an interesting experience, the boys labours had been rather drawn out and I wasn't all that sure how things were progressing, whereas with Audrey I knew where she was the whole time (not that the midwives believed me). I told them I just needed my waters to break and she would be out, but regardless of this warning one left to have her tea break. Then when I told the only remaining midwife I needed to push she went to answer the phone. So I pushed my waters broke and Audrey's head was born. Phil left to get the midwife off the phone, I pushed again and she was born, the only person in attendance was my sister and she was standing at my head.

But that was over 2 years ago now, mind you she is still the same head first in without worrying what anyone else is doing or thinking lol. I love having a girl (I love my boys too obviously, but even though I married one I still don't understand males lol), I love how she is so interested in everything, how she speaks so clearly about what she wants, and how she snugs up and gives big sloppy kisses. Yes we have some terrible 2 tantrums but that comes with the territory (and she does them more for her father than me lol).

The only sadness I feel at this time is there is no more baby and will not be anymore babies. The maternal part of me needs to let go and enjoy the next stage of motherhood, I can't just keep having babies because I can, can I?


Steph said...

yes you can :P

Narelle said...

Wow- what a birthing story! I can kinda realte, although I did at least have the appropriate medical people in the room!

Audrey is such a delight and I hope you two to continue to share that extra special mother / daughter bond!!

Scrapmanda said...

Great birth story...I love daughters too...but boys to compare with....and DEFINATELY no more babies here!! LOL! Loved you digi LO btw :)

meg said...

i love you having a little girl, too. I think i will always be looking for us as little girls in her