Saturday, August 6, 2011


I am feeling a sense of achievement and gratitude for help from a lovely friend.  Audrey's bedroom project is close to completion (except for paint and carpet which will happen at a later date).  All furniture is rearranged to its new space, art work up on walls, and 4 bags of crap removed (honestly the things I found in that girls room made me close to tears, some in laughter) the dolls house just needs some sprucing up to make it fit in to its new environment. I also have some flowers and butterflies to applique onto the curtains but that seems like the last thing that needs doing.

I am now in the mood for some making over; the lounge room will be next but not as drastic, as my options are limited for furniture orientation.  More family photos are going up on the wall, a new TV unit may need to be purchased (stage one of buttering up the hubby is in progress) and scrapping corner needs a cull and rearrange (then I might actually use it). Hubby thinks our bedroom needs a going over too so that might be part 3, lordy what have I started?

So as promised, as embarrassing as they are here are the before photos.
Yes this is how my daughter was choosing to live sigh.

Now for the much improved after pics

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scrappinallie said...

Fantastic job Bon, you did so much hard work! Looking forward to seeing your next room!

We are in a bit of a house spruce up at the moment. Must remember to take some pics too :-)