Friday, September 26, 2008

We're In!

Well the house thing has not gone quite as smoothly as I would have liked but we are in. We finally got the finance sorted out and settlement happened on time, the bank did forget to mention that they would take the the amount of the First Home Owners Grant out of our account and then reimburse us, nevermind that that put our account in serious overdraw and the funds didn't clear for 3 days. We got the keys at 3pm on Friday and came around that afternoon and with some help from family mowed lawns, tidied gardens and brought round some small stuff. On Saturday my gorgeous friend Narelle came up and helped us clean walls and paint ceilings. Monday the removalists came to move the big stuff and while that was happening our dog got out and went missing. After a dark and stormy night she reappeared on Tuesday, smelly and hungry.

Since then we have been moving the small stuff, cleaning, and unpacking. We thought we would avoid the stress of having to go back and clean and tidy gardens, so we got some people in to do that for us. So much for stress free, neither company managed to do as we asked, even after 2 attempts each, the house is still not how it should be. So this weekend we have to go back and finish the job then argue about the fee we have been charged for an unacceptable job. Grrrrrr.

The good news we are here and its ours. On other good news front Dad had some scans done and got the results on the tumour he had removed from his bladder, no cancer. Further surgery in about a month for prostate but all in the clear otherwise.


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Hey there! Great that you are now in your house Bon!! Bummer bout the cleaners.
Glad to hear your dad is well and cancer free too.

Rachel said...

Great news about your Dad! How cool is it, being in your own house now?! Good luck with the rest of the cleaning & negotiating with the "professionals".


helenj said...

Glad your dads results were good Bon
Very scarey stuff hey?

Glad that everything is good now and you are actually IN your new home
shame about the people that were sopposed to make life a bit easier for you:(

Tracy said...

Congrats on the new house Bon, how awesome for you guys :)
Glad your pooch came home in one piece.
How sweet is Relsi to come help you out with everything, that is really lovely.
Hope you get the garden thing sorted out, you shouldn't have to pay for shoddy work!!!
Take Care
Tracy x

Tracy said...

Oh I forgot to say that it is super good news about your Dad :)

Tracy x