Sunday, September 7, 2008

Snake Warning

As it is Fathers Day we went to see my Dad where he is staying with a mate. Dad's mate Dale is a snake guy (can't think of the official term), he has about 60 snakes and lizards in a big shed at his place, he was cool enough to bring quite a few out to show us.

Obviously these are the non-venomous ones a couple of children's pythons, and a carpet python. Dale did bring out some adders, a baby tiger and I think a cobra, but they stayed in their boxes or Dale had them with his stick. I was so proud of Sam, as you can see he held all the pythons, as did Dad, Phil and I were a bit more wussy and just patted them lol. The littlies were interested for the first couple but when they had to stay away from the poisonous ones they lost interest.


Tash Allen said...

brave kids! I think I'd be a wus too and just pat... arrgghh if that! lol

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

wow, how cool!! I don't mind snakes myself (my fave is the green tree snake, which is venemous). Those boys are very brave to be holding those snakes. Hope they have photos to show at school - they will be the coolest dudes ever lol!