Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life Wasn't Meant To Be Easy

Ok I knew the buying of the house was going too smoothly. We are still waiting for our full finance approval, I was expecting the phone call last Friday, instead we got a call asking for more income information, updated pay slips etc. So we did that, Monday night I got a phone call, the bank can't confirm my employment because HR won't release the information without my written consent. I have no idea where they even got the number for HR I gave them my manager's name and number, they ring my manager but she couldn't take the call, the next day she spends hours trying to call the number that was left, where no body answers. Finally get her to make contact with someone on a different number yesterday. Phone goes today, I was sure this was it. No due to laziness of valuer, who claimed that there was not enough comparable sales data to include in the report LMI company will only approve a 90% lend. So our mortgage broker is trying to round up the data to support the purchase price of the house so we can get 95%. Unbelievable! I am starting to get a wee bit stressed, we have extended the finance clause 3 times now, once was the vendors solicitors fault and the rest from our side. I can't give notice here or pack a box until I know for sure we can move, so frustrating. So like my manager claims she is doing can you send some positive affirmations out into the universe for us, please.


Rachel said...

Thinking of you Bon, can imagine how stressful that'd be - sending positive thoughts & prayers your way, hope you get good news very soon!


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

ah honey, that sucks!!! Fingers crossed and lots of positive vibes winging there way to you.

Princess Tamara said...

Hugs babe ... here's hoping that it all sorts itself out soon.