Friday, June 20, 2008

Never Been So Scared

I have just got back from the ER. Audrey was mucking around on the couches, like I have asked her not to do about a million times, she jumped towards me and hit her legs on the front of the couch and I guess her head on the arm. Next thing I know she fell over backwards, her head landed in the bottom shelf of the bookshelf, I grabbed her hand to help her up but she was rigid and her eyes rolled back. I picked her up and she was out of it. That was it, boys packed up, everyone in the car. I was shaking so much and could barely think straight, all the literature tells you that if you knock your head the signs to watch out for are vomiting, drowsiness and seizing, I thought we had gone right to the worst case scenario. I have never been so scared I was going to lose one of them, Sam had a febrile convulsion when he was younger but I knew it was from the fever .

Luckily we got in quickly at the ER, it was obviously earlier enough on a Friday. The Dr seems to think she had a fainting episode not an actual seizure. She was dopey for about 10 minutes but then perked up. She didn't bite her tongue, she didn't wet herself and she wasn't as tired as she should have been for a seizure. So I guess fainting is the best option, I have never been so happy to over react. She is over it, I am not entirely, she is back to jumping off the couch but my nerves are shot, I just want to put her to bed so I don't have to worry about her bumping her precious head again. But I would need to strap her down she is not one to be deterred.


Marg said...

Ohhh Bon......You poor thing....I am so glad that Audrey is A ok , but maybe Mum may need a good stiff drink to recover.....You did well seeing as it would of been so scary....
Luv marg x

Yvette said...

How terrifying!!! I am glad she is fine!!! DH was playing on the floor with the girls one day, having them lean on his legs then flinging them over his head... I had told him I didnt like it, and then next thing, Lilly lands on her head and the eyes roll back... I still shiver thinking about it. Doesn't put them off though, does it??? Look after yourself, have some chockie !!!

Princess Tamara said...

Oh babe, hugs! Tayla does that a lot - her body has some "syndrome", and when she gets hurt badly, all the blood rushes super-quickly to the area that's hurt, and away from her head. She gets all floppy and either passes out or goes very close to it. Scary, huH!

Sandie said...

Gosh these things just bring on more grey hairs I reckon.
So pleased to hear that everything is ok.
You need to just sit back and relax Bon.

Take care.
Luv Sandie

Julie said...

How scary Bon. Glad all is okay.

Wirginia said...

Eeek Bon, I feel your shaking too. That would have been me, and has been a couple of times when my boy was younger. So glad it worked out for the better, but like you said your nerves are shot, I'm having a cuppa tea right now on your behalf. Not a stiff drink, but amazing how a cuppa can sooth.

kerry said...

Scary for you Bon but isin't that typical of kids they just bounce back while we freakout.take care Kerryxx

Narelle said...

Bloody Hell woman! I leave you alone for a few hours and look what you go and do!

Thank God she is OK. I hope you have stopped shaking now too.

Big hugs darl!

Love you

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

It is so terrifying when something like that happens. My youngest DD on her 1st birthday was learning to walk and fell and hit the concrete floor, she wasn't breathing and DH had to start CPR with her on his lap while I drove (we lived to far from major hospital to wait for ambulance) to small local country hospital. They got her breathing on her own again and 45 mins later the only doctor turned up drunk, staggering and slurring. We ended up taking her home and not sleeping for nearly 2 weeks. Now for the worst bit, 3 years later when she was 4 she was playing and asked me why couldn't she go with the pretty white people. When I questioned her more she said " I don't know when it was but you were crying and daddy kept kissing me, you keep yelling at me to wake up"
I think she saw angels.

helenj said...

Far out chickie!!!!!!
go have a nice big chunk of caburys and you will feel so much better!!!!!!!

Glad that she is ok !!!!!!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

ONG! That is super scary! So glad she is ok. The feeling of helplessness with fade with time, but I guess you never forget. Doesn't seem to deter them from doing the same thing again tho!

Hope you are feeling a little less shaken today.


AGA said...

What a scary moment, my heart goes out to you - thank heavens she is alright!!!
Take care
Aga xx

Paperdoll said...

Thank God it wasn't worst case. Bloody kids!!! LOL. How are your nerves today?? Better??