Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter In Bendigo Day 4

Monday is the day of the Gala Parade. Narelle, Steve, Tom and Meg joined us today to watch the parade and have some lunch. The parade is not what it once was, what has happened to the quality of floats? when I was a girl they were impressive, well thought out, well constructed pretty even. Today not so much. The kids enjoyed the first hour or so then it all got a bit much so we went to find a quiet, yummy place for lunch.

After lunch we let the small and big kids have a go on some rides.
Fun was had by all, they are all asleep now lol.


Belinda Venables said...

Love the pics Bon - looks like fun!!

honeywine said...

Love the Bendigo celbrations Bon - what fun you all had

smauge said...

aw - the Bendigo Easter parade...I remember that!