Friday, December 14, 2007

Very Proud

On Wednesday I wagged work to go and see my best friend Relsi receive her MAS Community Hero Award. On Father's Day, Narelle and her family were first in the scene of a rather nasty car accident, another driver had suffered an epileptic seizure and collided with a car containing a father and his two sons. One of the boys was trapped in the car with extensive injuries, Narelle stayed with this boy, comforting him till the MAS arrived and continued to comfort him while they freed him from the car. Even though she down plays her effort it is not something everyone would do (unfortunately) she remained calm and involved when many others would consider only themselves.

I wanted to surprise her at the ceremony and with my Secret Squirrel buddy Steve we managed to pull it off. It was so great to see Narelle receive the recognition she deserved and I am so glad that it has made her pursue her dream of being a paramedic with more gusto. Go for it Sweetie, you would be an asset to any ambo team, Ballarat Uni here we come (well you , not me lol). I truly am proud of you, and blessed to have you as my best friend.

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ScrapManda said...

How cool that you were able to be there for Narelle as she received her award! What a great friend you are!

Hope you and your family have the bestest Christmas and a wonderful, safe New Year!