Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Miracle

Well it finally happened! We got a tear free Santa photo! Every year we have had at least one child in tears, sometimes 2, this year they waltzed up and sat on the couch next to him without being asked, in fact I think it was a good thing there was not a que or they would have been in someone else's photo. Ethan even sat on Santa's lap without hesitating, now obviously every other time of year that would be a worry but I'm pretty sure Santa has to pass a Working With Children Check.

Anyway hopefully the pic will attach itself I have been having some issues with that lately, fingers crossed here go.

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ScrapManda said...

What a sweet photograph! So pleased there were no tears! This is the first year neither of my two had a "store" santa photo :( They are growing up! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday!