Sunday, October 7, 2007

2 Posts in 1 Day

Well now that I have vented about my day I can reminisce about my baby boy. My Ethan turned 4 yesterday at exactly this time (how cool is that?) 11:27pm on October 6th 2003.

He has been soooo excited about his birthday for months he has been asking, well that is not quite right, he has been stating (it was a foregone conclusion as far as he was concerned) that he was getting a big Lightening McQueen. We couldn't get him anything else now could we? So he got the Lightening McQueen, big one, and the joy on his little face was so gorgeous.
I don't know where 4 years has gone. He is such a funny little chap, nothing like his siblings. He just plods along in his own little world most of the time. We had a little party for him which was his first little friend party really, it was really lovely to see him with his little friends, he and Sei were so sweet together and I can see why they are friends. He is growing into a real little boy and although I sometimes find his dreamboat manner frustrating he is a refreshing presence in our family.

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helenj said...

What a little cutie!