Sunday, August 12, 2007

On Holidays

Well I am officially on holidays, I have taken the week off to get ready for the retreat, well that and to just relax a bit. I have almost finished all my pre-retreat tasks now I just need to figure out how and what to pack. I think its going to be the best time, scrapping, chatting and solidifying friendships.

On the work front we have some major changes coming up. We have a new Premier in Vic and in his first week he announced a change of cabinets, ECIS will no longer fall under DHS, we will be part of the new Dept Education and Early Childhood Development. Nobody is very sure what that means yet, we will be moving over with kindergartens, maternal child health and early childhood services, so basically most of the Office for Children. We don't know where we will be housed, we don't know what funding or resources we will have, we don't know much at all but it will be interesting.

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