Monday, February 16, 2009

Ages and Ages

So its been ages since I posted anything. The last week in Victoria has been sad, heart breaking, over whelming and inspiring. Last Saturday was a very stressful day, the fires did not really come near us but the temp was so high and there was smoke in the air from surrounding fires which had us on high alert. Hundreds of lives lost thousands of homes destroyed, it is almost too much to comprehend, yet the giving of so many people in many number of ways also brings tears to my eyes. For all the wrong reasons this will be one of those days you look back on and remember, the 22nd has been set as a national day of mourning, but I think most of us have been doing that for over a week now.

This is a pic I took last Sunday night facing east at sun set, beauty from disaster I guess.

On the home front Sam has gone back to school, Eth has gone back to kinder, and Audrey has started prekinder. So everyone has somewhere to go this year. On the flip side it means my 2 days off from work are now spent in the car doing drop offs and pick ups.

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Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Bon, that is such a great picture (of such a sad event).