Saturday, February 16, 2008


It appears the time has come in life to admit I am not perfect lol.

I have been noticing for a while now that I need to get closer to my computer screen and the pages of books, so I thought it might be time to get my eyes tested, sigh. Well I failed the test, the good news is its not part of a disease process and its not because I am getting old, its just the shape of my cornea doesn't allow the light to focus properly. So I am now outfitted with a new pair of specs. Its been kind of nice actually I have had so many compliments, and told they suit me so well that people don't notice them after a very short period of time.

My husband thinks its funny to tell me I look more sophisticated and intelligent when I have them on, but honestly how you can you improve on what I already had? rofl.

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