Friday, September 7, 2007

Kids Favourite Things

Why is it the kids favourite things to do and watch have to be the most annoying thing possible for parents. My kids favourite thing to do in the lounge room at the moment is to flip themselves over the arm of the couch onto their little fold out sofas. Now this annoys me for a couple of reasons 1) they are going to ruin the couch 2) one of them gets hurt every time they do it, then they get straight back up and do it again 3) I have asked a thousand times (no I'm not exaggerating for the story) to stop doing it because a) they are ruining the couch and b) they will get hurt and I am blatantly ignored every time. What's a mother to do I ask you?

As for their TV viewing preferences, why do they have to make kids characters with the most annoying voices, has anyone ever sat through and hour of Dora the Explorer without their ears imploding? And don't get me started on the Telly Tubbies and Boohbah, I'm sure they are trying to recruit my kids to some sort of alien cult, what the hell are they meant to be anyway? Ethan's new favourite is Puzzle Place, I've watched it, I don't get it? Its a cheap Australian production with bad graphics and a game with rules even I don't get let alone a 3 year old.

Ok so obviously I needed a vent. I am upping my work days to 3 from next week on maybe that will be a good thing for my mental state, less Dora can only be a good thing.


Tash Allen said...

sheesh I hear ya on the Dora voice!!! Leroy has found a new love for her too... most annoying. At least I know if I leave him there to escape the voice he'll still be there glued to the TV 20 minutes later! LOL

helenj said...

Too Funny!!!!!!!
Glad my kids are over those shows now ......but wait theres more to come Bon!!!!!!!!
Wait till they get into some of those shows on some of them are annoying!!!!!!!!